The Management Committee of the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club (VPSSC) is taking this opportunity to provide a factual account of the renaming of the Junior Football Club.

There are three entities playing football under the auspice of the VPSSC

Redland Football Club – Playing as the Redland Bombers in the NEAFL competition which is the highest possible level in Queensland other than the National AFL Competition.

Victoria Point Sharks Football Club – Playing in the Division 2 community football AFL Competition

Victoria Point Sharks Junior Football Club – Playing in the Brisbane Juniors AFL Competition

The Bayside Bombers Masters football team also occupies the precinct and has facility and other support from VPSSC.

In April last year the Redland Junior football club first discussed the idea of renaming the club Victoria Point rather than Redland. The membership base of the Junior Football Club was contacted seeking feedback on the name change.  An information night was then called in which despite concerns from a few attending the majority agreed to continue on with the name change.  The junior football club AGM was held and again most attendees were in favour of the new name. There were a few against changing the name.

Although the Junior Football club believed they had a clear agreement to go ahead with the name change they asked that a vote of club members be called to finalise the name moving forward. The Management committee believed this would also finalise the process and agreed the vote would be held in late November 2017. This vote was in favour of the name change.

The Management Committee of the VPSSC ratified the decision made by the members who attended and the name change became official.

It is the view of the Management Committee of the Victoria Point Sharks that every opportunity has been given to all parties to state their case on this issue and that due process has been adhered to in making this decision. Therefore the decision will not be reversed.

There has been several social media posts suggesting that the club had rejected a $100,000 plus sponsorship proposal, this sponsorship proposal was “highly conditional” and related to the aforementioned issues that have been rejected by both Junior and Senior clubs. The club sought legal advice and has been advised that the offer could not have been accepted. An offer of a hyphenated name was also rejected by the Management Committee.

So far as the Management Committee is concerned the Members have voted and the matter is final.

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