A message from the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club Management Committee

We are currently being harassed by a disgruntled member who opposed the change of name of the Junior Football Club from Redland to Victoria Point.  This harassment has now been directed to the volunteers of our various sporting clubs who have all been approached to meet with the fellow concerned. He has also turned his attention to the Victoria Point Sharks Football Club suggesting that they should have been called the Redland Football Club. For those of you that don’t know, the Redland Football is alive and well participating in the NEAFL competition providing our elite juniors a possible pathway to the AFL.

There have been three formal opportunities to protest the change of name of the Victoria Point Junior Football Club from Redland Junior Football club.  On each of these occasions the members decided to proceed with the change of name.  The first occasion was correspondence directed to the membership base of the junior football club in which there was no protest.  The next occasion was the Junior Football AGM where it was debated by all present and the decision was again supported. After correspondence from some members who for whatever reason were no longer members or were not in regular contact with the club, indicating their concerns regarding the name change, the Management Committee of the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club suggested that a vote take place to get a true indication of how people felt.  The vote was a lot narrower than previous votes however it was still a clear majority in favour of naming the club Victoria Point. The Management Committee then supported the will of its members and ratified the change of name.

The management committee and members of the Junior and Senior football clubs were then approached with what was put to them as a sponsorship opportunity.  Whilst is was fantastic that local businesses may have been motivated to help out the club, the sponsorship required the name to be changed back to the Redland Junior Football Club.  For any of the committees to agree to do that, would be going against the will of its members, considering that the item had been voted on previously.  The proposal was rejected on the grounds that it was “Highly conditional”.

The advice to our members is that there are ways of achieving change within your club without offering financial benefits or spreading rumours based on speculation.  This disgruntled member has repeatedly said he wants to bring down the club financially.  Is this the sort of behaviour you would expect from a loyal and dedicated member?  To us it seems that he is just someone who can’t accept the decision of his fellow members.

The junior football club is currently experiencing record numbers and is being well guided by a fantastic volunteer committee.  They have been lauded for their work in many programs including Outside the Locker Room which was recently attended by the Sports Minister.  The club is in safe hands and is looking to the future and it has the full support of the management committee.

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