Notice of Special General Meeting of The Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club Inc

Sunday 16th December 2018  10.30am

(register from 9.30am)

Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club

325 Colburn Ave Victoria Point


A requisition has been received from the required number of members to call for a Special General Meeting. The following motions will be put to the members.

The requisition asks:

That the following members of the Management Committee be removed from the Management Committee.

Colin (Jeff) Middenway                                   President

Karen Griffith                                                    Treasurer

Rob Lovett                                                          Vice President

Pauline Eadie                                                     Committee Member

Merrin McCulloch                                            Committee Member

Peter Dowling                                                   Committee Member

Bevan Clulow                                                     Committee Member

Susan Edwards                                                  Committee Member


A separate motion (and separate vote) will be put for each person.

For time considerations and efficiency one ballot paper will be used to vote on all eight motions.

In the event that, as a result of the abovenamed motion, the number of persons on the management committee is reduced to less than 5, an election shall be held for those positions. Those persons shall hold the position on the management committee for the balance of the term of the person they replace. Pursuant to clause 12.3(2) only those persons who have served on the management committee on the previous year are eligible for offices of President, Vice President and Treasurer.



  1. The special general meeting will occur immediately prior to the annual general meeting and accordingly in compliance with the provisions of the Constitution, nominations will be called for the elections due to be held at the annual general meeting in 2018.

 If there is an election to be held at the special general meeting, nominations will be required to be taken from the floor and candidates must be present to enable them to indicate their consent to such nomination.

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